Hotels We Serve
We currently serve the following hotels:

Hampton Wingate

Holiday Inn
       Best Western

          Holiday Inn ExpressTowne Place

             Comfort Inn     Ramada     Fairfield

For more information regarding Leather Masters services they can be contacted in one of the following ways:

Leather Master & American Weaving
303 Republic Avenue
Joliet, IL 60435

Phone: 800 240-0107

About Our Company
John & Stephaine ConwayJohn & Stephanie Conway have recently purchased Leather Master & American Weaving. The transaction took place last May and all operations have moved to their Joliet location where John & Stephanie operate KC Leather Cleaners, Inc.

John & Stephanie have a combined 26 years experience in the suede & leather cleaning business and prior to starting KC Leather Cleaners, John was operations manager for Kirk’s Suede-Life, Inc. (The world’s leading supplier of suede & leather cleaning products). John started working with Suede-Life at age 17 in their R&D facility located in Willowbrook IL. Soon John started to travel to other cities and eventually other countries teaching the art of suede & leather cleaning. By the time he was 25 John had visited 46 states across the U.S. and 15 countries spread over 5 continents teaching his art. At 25 John’s first son Kyle was born and one year later another boy, Cameron, came along. At this point the travels slowed down as John wanted to spend more time at home with his boys. As the boys got older John decided he no longer wanted to travel and opened up KC Leather Cleaners, Inc. The name KC derived from the two boys Kyle and Cameron who John hopes someday will take over the business.

Today John continues to consult for Suede-Life but devotes the majority of his time to Leather Master. By not traveling John is able to continue doing what he loves best and gets to see his family daily.

Leather Master was incorporated in 1976 and is in the business of wholesale suede & leather cleaning. John decided to keep the Leather master name as it is more widely known and has built a reputation over the years as the premier wholesale leather cleaner in Chicago. John also has a retail dry cleaning plant in Joliet which will keep the name KC Specialty Cleaners.

Leather Master also specializes in the cleaning of carpets, furs, purses, pillows, comforters, Ugg boots, and any other specialty items. This service is available to all dry cleaners in their service area.

Along with Leather Master, John & Stephanie also acquired American Weaving. American Weaving provides wholesale reweaving services to dry cleaners with garments that have tears, moth holes, cigarette burns, or any other types of damage. According to John in today’s society many people are reluctant to buy new and would prefer to have their garments fixed. And in today’s economy dry cleaners are looking for as many additional revenue sources as possible.