Fur Cleaning Luxury Fur Cleaning

We provide professional fur cleaning and conditioning services for all of your furs and fur-trimmed coats.

It's no surprise that your fur gathers dust and should be cleaned once a year by a professional fur cleaning expert.

Cleaning your fur maintains the fur’s luster, sheen and will keep the fur soft and fluffy. A proper fur cleaning will also remove unpleasant odors such as the smell of moth and cedar balls.

The lining of your fur garment is sprayed with a cleaning agent to remove soil, makeup, body oils, or any other stains. Linings are then pressed and any repairs to the fur or lining seams are made as needed.

Our fur cleaning processes will help preserve your fur coat, extending the fur’s life span and assuring you years of future clean fur pleasure.

We also recommend and offer humidity and temperature controlled fur storage.

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