Rug Dry Cleaning Professional Rug Cleaning

What makes Leather Master unique is that we bring comprehensive, innovative and environmentally friendly technology together – offering you the best cleaning service for your carpet.

Leather Master uses a variety of leading products and accessories- including numerous tricks of the trade that we have accumulated over the years- that seem subtle but give amazing results. Every aspect of processing your area rug is designed to brighten and preserve the fibers original beauty.
Leather Master takes steam carpet cleaning to a whole new level- the level that even the most experienced carpet care professionals had not imagined.

How does Leather Master do it? We would love to reveal our secret but our cleaning process is revolutionary. You can listen to the sales pitch of other cleaners and competitors- or you can experience the Leather Master difference.

If you have not considered taking in rugs over your retail counter, give it a try today and let the experts with Leather Master help to increase sales and add profits to your bottom line. Call today to see for yourself how our technology is not only cutting edge but extremely effective.

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