Professional Uggs Cleaning Ugg Boot Cleaning

Let our suede professionals give your Ugg boots the care they deserve. With professional cleaning, your Uggs will look better, feel fresher and last longer.

We specialize in Ugg boot cleaning for any style and size including complete inside and outside cleaning, color restoration, stain removal, water-proofing, seam and tear repairs and zipper replacement.

Ugg boots cleaning procedures may include the following:

  • • Individual stain removal.
  • • Hand clean outer surfaces.
  • • Hand clean lining.
  • • Remove water and salt stains.
  • • Dye rejuvenation.
  • • Steam finishing.
  • • Stain repellant.
  • • Restoration techniques include extensive cleaning, dying, stitching, and material replacement.
  • • Packaging in a breathable storage bag.

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