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Leather CleaningWelcome To Leather Master
We are aware of your needs and expectations.
We will meet them and surpass them.

We are specialists in the business of wholesale specialty cleaning. Our Goal is to give you personal service and establish your trust by providing you with the highest industry standard of quality and service.

Our friendly, knowledgeable garment experts are here to assist you and take extra special care with all your cleaning needs. Once your clothes are left in our care, you can trust that they'll be carefully inspected and handled from start to finish. Your clothes will be returned packaged, clean and ready to wear.

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Specialty Cleaning Services

  • Leather & Suede Cleaning

    Leather & Suede CleaningWe specialize in cleaning and conditioning leather & suede!


  • Purse Cleaning

    Designer Purse CleaningCleaning and stain removal of any designer purse.


  • Ugg Boots Cleaning

    Ugg Boots CleaningLuxury boots cleaned, conditioned and refinished.


  • Wedding Gown Cleaning

    Wedding Gown PreservationProfessionally dry cleaned and preserved for a lifetime.


  • Luxury Fur Cleaning

    Luxury FursOur cleaning techniques make your furs look and feel new.


  • Down Pillow Cleaning

    Down Pillow RejuvenationFeathers are removed, sanitized and newly encased.


  • Professional Rug Cleaning

    Professional Rug CleaningLet us clean and rejuvenate your area rug to new condition.


  • Reweaving Alterations

    Reweaving RepairsA great alternative to discarding expensive suits and sweaters.