Pillow Cleaning Pillow Cleaning

Down bed pillows are renovated and rejuvenated by our Pillow-Vac-System. Old ticking is discarded and replaced with an exclusive new down feather proof ticking. Feathers are removed from the ticking, sanitized , deodorized and encased into a new ticking. We can return old ticking to our customers by special request.

The pillow cleaning process consists of emptying feathers from the old ticking into our pillow machine. While in the machine the pillow feathers are churned by rotating brushes which fluff the pillow feathers and allow dirt and non-feather particles to settle to the bottom of our machine. Ozone lights deodorize the pillow feathers as the feathers are fluffed. Once cleaned, the feathers are then blown into a new pillow ticking. All pillows are returned in a sealed plastic bag.

If additional feathers are required to properly fill your pillow, we will furnish replacement feathers. It takes about 3 lbs of good feathers to make one regular pillow.

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